Saving Time on Business Administration

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24 Hours in a Day

One thing we all have in common, in life and business, is time. By the time you have finished reading this, three to five minutes would’ve passed and the thought of losing something that you cannot get back may be concerning. Fortunately, this article has a high return on your time investment. Here at Timecloud, we hope that you will make a conscious decision to streamline your business process following the tips we outline.


If you knew the total amount of time spent on business processes that did not add to your bottom line, would you take action and make a change for the better? You may not forego the business process, but more often than not you are able to do a time audit on those processes. Your time audit would lead you to discern the amount of time spent on these business processes.  It also allows you to effectively devise a plan to streamline the processes. This places time and often money back into your pocket. You may do a time audit for delivery times, staff reporting, projects, logistics, finances, meetings, etc. Essentially, anything that you spend time on you can do an audit on.


Timesheet Efficiency

Say you had a company that had twenty employees and you had to process payroll weekly. Your current process is mostly manual (i.e. paper timesheets) and you may even have additional ‘bottlenecks’, e.g. appropriate personnel like supervisors or team leaders that are needed to approve the timesheets. However, these people inadvertently add to the length of the process. You’ll find the more manual your timesheet process is, the more you risk losing transparency of your staff time and attendance and ability to ensure fair pay. One of the advantages to digital timesheets is the ability to keep a record of the exact time your staff spends on your worksite. With manual timesheets, you as an Employer will tend to overpay staff and lose time as well.


Electronic timesheets allow employers to easily collate all they need to know about their employee’s attendance. This provides a more accurate record to minimise mistakes. It is painful to realise how much of this lost time could have been put into business endeavours that directly affect your bottom line. With a quality timesheet solution, you can typically save about 3% of your gross payroll.


After their own time and cost audits, many companies have flipped the switch to come on board with us. Companies across various industries realised that the cost of outdated processes was higher than it was to change. They decided to make Timecloud their digital timesheet solution, which led to an easy and swift timesheet and payroll process.


Highlights of Our System

  • Cloud-based, you may access the info anywhere in the world.
  • We upload all your employee’s timesheets to their prospective employee number on your payroll of choice.
  • Supervisors can approve employee timesheets.
  • You and your team can manage employee leave digitally.
  • Accurate and easy fill in – in-real time either via biometric scanning or mobile App.
  • Job costing and geolocation available.
  • UI interface is straight forward.
  • Supervisors can easily edit.
  • Add a new employee swiftly.


If this sounds a whole lot easier than your current system, then don’t delay – BOOK A DEMO HERE WITH ONE OF OUR BUSINESS CONSULTANTS and start saving time and money today!!