Time and Attendance

Easily track timesheets, roster staff, cost jobs and automate payroll. Clock in with biometric timeclocks or mobile app.

Timecloud Time and Attendance Suite with mobile and biometric clock in
Timecloud Time and Attendance Suite with mobile and biometric clock in

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Streamline your staff management

Save Time On Admin

Automate the creation of timesheets, digitize manager approvals, and export employees' hours directly to your payroll provider.

Avoid Time Theft

Easily compare scheduled hours to worked hours giving you peace of mind that you're only paying wages that you should.

Eliminate Human Error

Human error typically accounts for at least 3% of total payroll costs. For a company with 100 staff, this constitutes approximately $180,000 per annum.

Clock in, your way

Employee time clock app graphic

Our time and attendance mobile app provides both user and admin functionality.

Users, on or off-site, can track their hours with the push of a button. Optional geolocation, geofencing, and photo sign-in can ensure honest and accurate timesheets.

Administrators can verify in real-time who is checked in and where. This helps you maintain staff visibility and stay health and safety compliant.

biometric timeclocks graphic

No matter your requirements, Timecloud has a time clock for your business.

  • Swipe Card Terminals
  • Fingerprint/Palm Scanners
  • Facial Recognition Scanners

All terminals will send accurate, real-time information directly to your management account so you can verify times and cost jobs accordingly.

Automate time, eliminate error

Timecloud Dashboard Features Icon

Easily visualize attendance and costs across all worksites, departments, jobs and tasks. Manage discrepancies with AI-inspired productivity prompts.

Job costing graphic

Create cost centers and subcodes. Allocate employee cost and charge-out rates to jobs to optimize schedules and simplify quotes.

Timecloud Staff Rostering Feature Icon

Schedule employees anytime, anywhere. Set roster patterns, send shift invites, forecast your weekly wages, and much more.


Employee Shift

Employee Shift Parameters

Create custom shifts, place limits on hours, apply time rounding, create custom leave types, manage public holidays, and more.

Employee Attendance Records Graphic

Employee Attendance Records

View your employee's time and attendance records, edit their timesheets, assign their leave, and view cost centers.

Automated overtime and break policies graphic

Automated Overtime and Break Policies

Customizable settings allow you to pre-set staff overtime and break policies to avoid spending valuable time making adjustments.

Timecloud Awards Interpretation Feature Icon

Award Interpretation


Pre-set your industry-specific awards and multi-level pay rates for all employees to ensure that you stay Fair works compliant.

Timecloud Leave Management Feature Icon

Seamless Leave Management

Employees can remotely apply for leave using the Timecloud mobile app. Managers can accept or decline and follow up on absences.