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Send and accept shift invitations

Timeclouds roster will send notifications where you can view your assigned shifts and sync them with your calendar instantly. You can also accept or reject shift invitations via email.

Shifts can be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Project Weekly Wages

Our smart rosters know all of your employee's hourly pay rates. This allows you to optimize your rosters based on your projected wage expense.

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Color Code Shifts

Visualize and personalize your shifts by color-coding.

Timecloud Weekly Rostering View Icon

Weekly Rostering View

See all your shifts at once with our weekly rostering view.

Timecloud Drag and Drop Shift Patterns icon

Drag and Drop Shifts

Easily drag and drop to quickly edit and manage your shifts.

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Download and Print Rosters

Rosters can be downloaded and printed for use across multiple media.

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Email Invites/ Notifications

Sync shifts with your calendar instantly. Accept or reject shift invitations via email.

Filter by Department

Filter by Department

Create rosters for all departments. Filter to view only the shifts you want to see.

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Multi-invite 'First in First Serve' Shifts

Email invite shifts to be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Timecloud Predetermined SHift Patterns Icon

Set Predetermined Roster Patterns

Avoid repetitive manual entry by setting predetermined shift patterns.

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Copy and Paste Weekly Shift Patterns

Simply copy and paste weekly shift patterns to avoid manual shift entry.