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- A Timecloud™ Product

The ultimate Visitor Management System to replace your manual logbooks

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Timecloud Visitor Management Suite
Timecloud Visitor Management Suite
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Sign in, your way

Timecloud Visitor Management Contactless Corporate Mobile Sign-in Process
Timecloud Visitor Management Contactless Corporate iPad Sign-in Process

Check-in Software that checks out

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A personal hello

Welcome guests with personalised greetings, questions, & agreements tailored to your business.

Remember people icon

Remember people

Timecloud remembers your visitors, so the next time they sign in, it will be as simple as pushing a button.

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No more queues

Prevent lines by replacing logbooks with QR codes so guests can sign in on their phones, no app required.

Safety alerts icon

Get safety alerts

Get notified when someone fails your health and safety questions so you can mitigate risk.

Custom branding icon

Add your branding

Make Safe-on-site your own by changing the colour scheme and adding your business' logo.

Filters icon

Filter by branch

Create a separate location for each of your worksites with its own custom questionnaires and reports.

Custom visitor types icon

Define visitor types

Create custom visitor types (e.g. guests and employees) and set different questions for each.

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Fully customizable

Create questionnaires with short-answer, long-answer, multi-choice and tick-box questions.

A visitor overview on the dashboard

The Safe-On-Site dashboard displays, in real-time, everyone that is on your worksite when they clocked in and which location they're at.

Timecloud Visitor Management Home Dashboard Screen

Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce

Link Timecloud Visitor Management System to Salesforce CRM. Automatically create contacts for relevant visitors and contractors eliminating double handling.

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