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Record staff hours accurately
Keep track of attendance and leave in real-time.

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Employee Profiles

View your profile on one screen displaying your key information. You will also find basic settings and configurations customized to your access level.

Mobile App Profile Page
Mobile App Profile Page
Mobile App Punch Board
Mobile App Punch Board

Punch Board

The Punch Board allows you to clock in and out with ease. All you need to do is fill in the predefined job costing fields and click the ‘IN’ or ‘OUT’ button.


Easily see your past, current, and future shifts daily, weekly, or monthly, and view, accept, or reject shift invitations.

Mobile App Timesheet
Mobile App Timesheet
Mobile app leave page
Mobile app leave page

Leave applications

In the leave screen, you will find approved leave, pending applications and past applications history. Here you can apply for leave which managers can approve or reject.

Manager View

Toggle on manager view and instantly get a real-time view of who is clocked in or out. Admins can sign in and out on behalf of employees, edit hours and approve leave applications.

Timecloud app manager timesheet page
Timecloud app manager timesheet page
Timecloud iPad kiosk app
Timecloud iPad kiosk app

Tablet Kiosk Mode

Employees can clock in using a shared tablet with Kiosk Mode. Employees can enter their personal Pin to access the Punch Board and sign in or out.

Transparency for everyone

Keep employees and managers honest with indisputable attendance records.
Knowing exactly who is on-site and when also helps you with compliance and health and safety.



Outline your worksite on the map and Timecloud will alert you if an employee clocks in outside the defined region.

Notes icon

Custom Notes

Need to record specific information when staff arrive on site? Employees can take custom notes on clock-in.

Photo ID

Photo Capturing

You can choose to require photo capture when staff clock in. This is especially useful if you opt for the kiosk app.