Visitor Management Systems

Man signing into visitor management systemVisitor friction

If there is one word to describe the onset of stress, it would be friction. Friction on the job can be caused by lousy communication, poor mindsets, tedious processes, long workdays, and data processes. Some of these things, however, do not have to work against you; like that of managing visitors and staff in your business. A good Visitor Management System (VMS) reduces the amount of friction that comes with having employees, contractors, clients and visitors successfully sign-in to your premises. So why do so many companies choose to stick with the old ‘paper and pen story’? Let us elaborate on what type of friction exists when a defunct old Visitor Management Systems remains in your business.


Manual Logbooks

We’ve all experienced walking into a worksite or office only to find a dreaded paper visitor logbook waiting for us on the table. We pick up a pen, which we hope is working, and start filling in line by line: time, date, name, surname, company, the reason for your visit, etc. In short, not fun. When a company doesn’t ensure a smooth arrival and exit process, friction occurs. It is this friction that leaves a bad first impression amongst clients.

Of course, we understand the importance a visitor logbook serves in the case of an emergency. What better example than the COVID-19 Pandemic that is presently ravaging the globe. Whether you are in New Zealand following Jacinda Arden and the New Zealand Government’s elimination strategy or in Australia following a similar approach, the need is the same. Businesses need to have efficient visitor logbooks.

Effective Visitor Management could be the differentiating factor between a city or country extending a lockdown or opening up for business. This is because Visitor logbooks with date and timestamps allow for rapid contact tracing. Contact tracing above and beyond the capacity of consumer side contact tracer apps, like the NZ COVID Tracer app which some people refrain from using. A paper system is unlikely to accurately facilitate this level of rapid visitor contact tracing.


Visitor Management Software

This leads us to Timecloud Visitor Management, a cloud-based software that takes away the friction and the stress of having to fill in and manage paper visitor logbooks. Our VMS allows you to see a digital, real-time list of anyone who has logged in at your site. Here are a couple of excellent features our system has waiting for you:

  • A professional design, which makes for a great first impression for all Company visitors.
  • Contactless sign-in via mobile QR code scanner to make your visitors feel safe and welcome.
  • You may upload your Company’s Health and Safety procedures ready for acceptance before a person logs their details into the VMS or choose to relay site-specific questions to all arrivals.
  • Real-time recording through cloud-architecture.
  • Once recorded, all persons logging in has their info personally stored, making the next login process even quicker.
  • Our VMS allows multiple worksites and large work areas to denote area-specific log in details to visitors on site.


So are you looking to impress your visitors with a modern check-in software?

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