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Improving the Quality of Care in Aged Care Facilities in Australia: An Explanation of the Care Minutes Scheme


Introducing Australia’s Care Minutes Scheme Australia’s new Care Minutes scheme aims to improve the quality of care provided in aged care facilities by ensuring adequate staffing levels and enforcing mandatory care minutes in response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s findings.   Key Dates and New Mandates From October 1, 2023,…

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Reducing Stress When Going to a Conference

People in a conference room. They look very focused and possibly a bit stresed

One of the worst things about going on holiday is that feeling of forgetting something – even when it’s just going away for a weekend. If you’re anything like me, you pack twice as many shirts as you actually need, just in case you spill every coffee or meal you have. And the stress is…

5 Ways Mobile Apps are Revolutionizing Time Tracking for Remote Workers

Modern art graphic of people interacting with Time and phones

Ah, the age-old art of time tracking! From the ancient sundials to the punch clocks, humans have always sought ways to measure the passing of time, especially at work. And in this digital age? It’s all about mobile apps. Let’s dive into the fascinating journey of how these apps are turning the tables for remote…

Why Time & Attendance Software Matters During Economic Uncertainty

Clock Icon Image. Why Time and Attendance Matters During Economic Uncertainty

In times of economic uncertainty, businesses face numerous challenges, and managing their workforce efficiently becomes paramount. Employee attendance and time tracking are critical components that can significantly impact a company’s productivity and overall success. That’s where reliable and effective time and attendance software come into play. In this article, we will explore why time and…

Maximizing Productivity with Timeboxing: A Guide for Business Owners

Timeblocking. a woman staring at the time on her watch while writing in a book.

What is timeboxing? As business owners, managing time and increasing productivity can be challenging. One effective strategy for achieving this is timeboxing. Timeboxing is a method of allocating a specific amount of time to a specific task, with the goal of completing that task within that time frame. By breaking down tasks into manageable chunks…

5 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement and Increase Productivity

A blackboard with a brainstorm about employee productivity on it. It mentions; leadership, growth, stress, autonomy, clarity, recognition, workload and fairness.

As a business owner, it’s important to constantly strive for ways to improve employee engagement and increase productivity in the workplace. Not only will this lead to happier, more motivated employees, but it can also drive better business results.   1. Offer opportunities for growth and development Employees who feel like they are learning and…

Webinar with Employment Law Specialists

People speaking with one another

We have been kindly offered a free online webinar to our Timecloud Community from Ainsley Palairet from Employsure who are employment relations and health & safety specialists. This Webinar will cover: Self-Isolation and the health of your employees Covid-19 Wage Subsidy’s Managing stand-downs in your business Minimum Wage changes for April 1, 2020 Compliant restructuring…

Payroll Meets Covid-19 Legislation – Webinar

calculator on documents

If you’re like me, then the last 48 hrs have been mad, rushing around trying to get organized with family, work, kids, (toilet paper) food, kids resources (so I don’t go mad) and asking questions like, am I essential?, how do I manage my workforce, what do I do with payroll and the changes? –…