Reducing Stress When Going to a Conference

People in a conference room. They look very focused and possibly a bit stresed

One of the worst things about going on holiday is that feeling of forgetting something – even when it’s just going away for a weekend. If you’re anything like me, you pack twice as many shirts as you actually need, just in case you spill every coffee or meal you have.

And the stress is even worse when you have to make sure your business can run smoothly while you’re gone. A three-day conference is a great opportunity to make connections and learn new things, but that’s also three days where you’re not organizing the rosters, making sure Kim from accounting has the timesheets, as well as the myriad of other tasks that pile up if you’re not on top of things.

So what can you do to make sure everything’s all set for you to be away for an extended period?


1. Delegate Responsibilities Effectively

It is important to establish a clear understanding of who will take care of your tasks while you are away. This may require reassigning responsibilities among the current team or appointing a temporary replacement. Make sure to communicate these changes precisely and provide the required training or resources for the delegate to carry out their new tasks effectively.


2. Time Sheets Sent to Payroll

Accurate payroll processing is crucial for legal compliance and employee satisfaction. To simplify this process, implement a time and attendance software like Timecloud. The software automates tasks like time tracking, scheduling, leave management and payroll calculations, eliminating errors and reducing the administrative burden. Employees can easily clock in and out digitally, request time off and view their schedules, while managers benefit from real-time data and compliance enforcement. The software enhances accuracy, saves time, minimizes disputes, and frees up valuable resources.


3. Review and Confirm Rosters

Shift-based work requires maintaining rosters to ensure smooth operations. Confirming schedules, anticipating issues, and keeping employees aware of their responsibilities are crucial for maintaining productivity and reducing stress. Employee scheduling software automates the process of scheduling, assigning tasks, tracking availability, and managing time-off requests. It generates efficient and error-free schedules that comply with both labour laws and employee preferences, leading to an increase in productivity and satisfaction. By providing a valuable asset for optimizing workforce management, employee scheduling software helps organizations streamline their operations and achieve their goals.


4. Document Critical Procedures

It’s important to create a manual that is easily accessible and well-organized, which outlines the steps to perform various administrative tasks. This documentation can serve as a reference guide for those who are taking on new responsibilities during the absence of the admin. Furthermore, it can be a valuable resource in the future.


5. Communication and Emergency Contacts

Effective communication is key to ensuring a smooth transition during an admin’s holiday. Provide clear communication channels for employees to seek help or clarification when needed. Additionally, compile a list of emergency contacts and share it with the relevant personnel. This list should include not only the admin’s contact details but also contacts for key suppliers, vendors, and service providers. In case of any urgent issues, having this information readily available can make a significant difference.



Preparation is the key to maintaining operational efficiency when you’re away for an extended period – whether that’s for a conference or PTO. By delegating responsibilities, ensuring timely payroll processing, reviewing and confirming rosters, documenting critical procedures, and establishing effective communication channels, you can minimize disruptions and maintain a smoothly running office. Remember that a well-executed plan not only benefits you but also promotes a cohesive and productive work environment for the entire team.

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