Xero + Timecloud Documentation

Data Flow

Xero + Timecloud Integration

Timecloud plus Xero Integration Data FLow. Employees and Pay Types sync and Attendance can be exported from Timecloud to Xero

Four Easy Steps

Four easy steps to set up your Timecloud and Xero integration. 1. Connect to Xero. 2. Sync pay types. 3. Sync employees. 4. Export timesheets.

Getting Started

To integrate with Xero select “Xero” in the header.

Timecloud + Xero Payroll Header

Click “Connect to Xero” to start the process off. 

Timecloud Connect to Xero Button

This will take you to a secure site provided by Xero that will ask you to choose which organisation to connect to and also give Timecloud permission to aspects of your xero account.

Timecloud + Xero Persmissions
Timecloud's access covers the following:
  • Payroll Employees - access to the list of employees in your payroll
  • Payroll Timesheets - ability to request and export timesheet data
  • Payroll Settings - access to pay calendars and payment types
  • Quick Access - 60 day rolling access to the above aspects of your Xero account without requiring a re connect process. This does not apply if you click the "Disconnect" button.

Sync Pay Types

Select the Settings Page. here you can sync your Pay Types between Timecloud and Xero.

Timecloud + Xero Settings Button

Here you can sync your Pay Types between Timecloud and Xero.

Timecloud + Xero Settings Page

1. Select the matching pay types from the dropdown list.

2. Press the sync button

Timecloud + Xero Sync Button

3. Once complete a tick will appear next to each synced item

Timecloud + Xero Actions Screen

Syncing Employees

Select the employee page.

Timecloud + Xero Employees Button

A list of all active employees in your Xero account will show up. Timecloud will automatically match the employees by their email address in both systems.

Timecloud + Xero Employee Page

Using the check boxes you can select employees that were successfully matched. This will stage them for syncing with their Xero details. Alternatively, you can select the checkbox at the top to stage all valid employees for syncing.

Timecloud + Xero Check Box

Clicking the Sync button will start the syncing process. Once complete a tick will appear next to each synced item.

Exporting Timesheets

Select the timesheet page.

Timecloud + Xero Timesheet Button

Select the period range you would like to export timesheet data for. 

TImecloud + Xero Period Range

Select Publish Timesheets and confirm the process. 

Timecloud + Xero Confirm Publish

The process can take up to 5 mins depending on the number of employees, however in most cases the process will be less than 30 seconds. You can check the progress periodically with the Check Progress button.

Timecloud + Xero Check Process Button

Once complete, the timesheet data should show up in your Xero account as DRAFT timesheets.

Note that Timecloud will never override any other state of a Timesheet except for DRAFT.