What Does Business Look Like After COVID-19 Lockdown?

What Does Business Look Like After COVID-19 Lockdown_Within a few weeks of COVID-19 arriving, businesses in NZ had undergone large-scale shutdown. The pinnacle of which occurring during lockdown level 4, in an effort to cut the transmission of COVID-19. Now that the lockdown is ending, you may wonder, what will business look like now? The government has taken a firm stance on mitigating the risk of transmission of COVID-19, inherently, it has meant that most business has slowed down across the nation and will pick up incrementally as we recede down to lower lockdown level status.


What we can expect in this time are further alerts for businesses to receive the green light to be back up and running as new alert levels are announced. – you may CLICK HERE to read further on whether this could be your Company/ sector.


Companies will need to follow strict guidelines. These are to ensure the health and safety of employees to and best mitigate the risk of contracting COVID-19. For in-depth information concerning the management of health and safety risks, you see WorkSafe’s informative resource.


Companies/ stores/ shops/ schools have set up registers to track who has visited them and when. These measures will most probably continue as long as COVID-19 restrictions are in place. We at Timecloud have an innovative solution to help your Company with contact tracing in this time for both employees and visitors in one easy-to-use solution. With a whole lot of added benefits surrounding digital time and attendance, geolocation and rostering.
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