Free Care Minutes Calculator

"Care minutes" in Australia refers to the time spent providing direct care to residents in care facilities by registered nurses (RNs), enrolled nurses (ENs), personal care workers (PCWs), and assistants in nursing (AINs), also known as nursing assistants.

How to use the Care Minutes Calculator

  • 1 Enter your resident and staff numbers
  • 2 Select the number of care minutes you want to calculate
  • 3 You're done! You now know exactly how much time your staff spend with residents

Your Business Care Minutes

How many residents are in your care?
How many staff do you have providing direct care?
How many care minutes are you wanting to calculate
200 215
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Please note that this tool is intended as a guide only.  Our Care Minutes calculator is based on the equation:

(Number of Care Minutes - 188) * Number of residents / Number of staff providing direct care

E.g. ((215 - 188) * 10 / 2 = 135 minutes per day

Please note that this formula is intended as a guide only, and exceptions to this formula may apply in certain circumstances. We do not guarantee that the result of such calculation will be accurate in your circumstance.

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