Payroll Meets Covid-19 Legislation – Webinar

If you’re like me, then the last 48 hrs have been mad, rushing around trying to get organized with family, work, kids, (toilet paper) food, kids resources (so I don’t go mad) and asking questions like, am I essential?, how do I manage my workforce, what do I do with payroll and the changes? – it’s all a little hectic with more questions than answers at the moment.

Please know we are definitely thinking of you and your families and trust everyone is safe and well, plus we want to keep in touch, providing you with valuable information and workforce management tools (plus a little humor) that will help you over this period.


Joining our webinar will be one of NZ’s top Payroll Practitioner’s who can help guide you through the Laws & Legislation around Payroll, and how to manage your staff during COVID-19