COVID-19 resources to help your business thrive

Helpful Covid19 Resources

Here are some Resources to Help inform you more about COVID 19 Surrounding Your Business


At Timecloud, as part of our mission to make workforce success easier, we thought we would compile a list of range resources to help inform you more about COVID 19. On a side note: If you are interested in how we can save you time and money through our easy & streamlined digital timesheet system, book a meeting with one of our consultants online today by clicking here.


Resource List:


  1. CLICK HERE  for NZ business updates surrounding COVID 19
  2. CLICK HERE  to access business resources from NZ Government
  3. CLICK HERE  to access Xero’s assistance program
  4. CLICK HERE  for over 40 COVID 19 resources for Saftey Leaders
  5. CLICK HERE  to access a guide to arrive home safely for essential workers


Do you have any other resources that you feel would benefit others surrounding COVID 19?
Feel free to share in the comments box below