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Widgets to manage all your attendance KPIs

Total Productive Hours Graph

Total Productive Hours

Quickly gauge the total worked hours of your workforce over a configurable period of time. Compare how you are tracking compared to the previous week.

Total Employee Days

Know exactly how many employees are clocked in and working at any given time, over a specific period. Compare to Scheduled employees and last periods employees.

Total Employee Days Graph
Worked vs Scheduled Hours Graph

Employee Lateness

See who's on time. Our intuitive drill-down shows when employees arrive at work over a given period allowing you to identify patterns in employee behaviour.

Worked Hours vs Scheduled Hours

Provides an at-a-glance look at hours worked and whether shifts and hours are being allocated correctly.

Presents data to employees who are working over or under time if a behaviour change is required.

Lateness Pie Graph
Employee Attendance Tile


See how many of your scheduled employees are clocked in and working at any given time or period.

Total Errors Flagged Tile

Total Flags

Gage how much work is required before payroll, plus identify potential time inaccuracies.